Our therapist

Dr Zuhrah Ahmad, PhD, PDCHyp



Dr Zuhrah has a PhD in Health Psychology, Masters in Counselling and Clinical Psychology, and a Bachelor degree in Psychology. Dr Zuhrah is a qualified hypnotherapist with a Advanced Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and a qualified Master NLP

Dr Zuhrah has a vast experience in conducting training utilising her knowledge in psychology, hypnosis and NLP. She does one-to-one coaching for life success

In addition, Dr Zuhrah has a vast experience in treating various issues, such as anxiety, phobia, trauma,stress, depression, childhood disorders, and others for both adults and children

Dr Zuhrah is an expert in treating pregnant women (e.g. severe nausea and vomiting), preparing women for labour, and treating postpartum depression. These expertise were obtained during her PhD research in using hypnosis during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. Currently, Dr Zuhrah is running a course in Hypnosis for Pregnancy and Childbirth Certificate for Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner

Dr Zuhrah is a member of the American Psychological Association, Malaysian Psychological Association, British Society of Clinical Hypnosis, Malaysian Society of Clinical Hypnosis, and The society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Having 25 years experience in Psychology, 10 years experience in
Clinical Hypnosis, publishing evidence-based research in Clinical
Hypnosis, providing a unique therapeutic treatment with the
combination of psychology, NLP, and Clinical Hypnosis....you are
definitely in a good and very experienced hand as your journey of a thousand miles start right here