Our Expertise

We provide therapy and coaching using a unique combination of clinical hypnosis, psychotherapy and NLP

Our therapy uses a unique combination of Clinical hypnosis, NLP, and psychotherapy

We provide one-to-one coaching to working adults, university students, and school children for success in career and academic. 

One-to-One coaching

Our therapist is able to assist you in managing cancer using knowledge in hypnosis, NLP, psychology and mindfulness.

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We provide therapy on the following:


1. Anxiety

2. Phobia (such as public speaking)

3. Depression

4. Trauma

5. Stress management

6. School issues

7. Childhood disorders (such as ADHD)

8. Cancer management

9. Pregnancy management

10. Preparing women for childbirth

12. Postpartum depression

13. Smoking cessation

14. Weight management

15. Cancer management

Cancer Management

We provide workshops and training on various topics such as stress management and the role of hypnosis during pregnancy, labour and postpartum